Intuosis provides personalized consultation services to maximize your success in a variety of performance based tasks: presentations, interviews, negotiations, etc. We offer a structured process to practice, evaluate and refine your performance. Our consultation services are flexible to fit your needs and range from one-time consults to long-term performance strategies. We know you are too busy striving towards success to spend the time necessary to evaluate and refine your personal performance toolkit.


The Intuosis Process

We will provide you with the evaluation, training, and skills to reach your maximum performance.

The Toolkit

Peak performers have mastered the five core performance skills that will also drive you towards your best self. Using experiential learning techniques grounded in performance psychology, we will guide you to master these skills in a manner tailored to meet your specific performance objectives.

  1. Self-Awareness. Identify your behavioral and inter-personal strengths and weaknesses to create a baseline and target for further growth.
  2. Control of Effort. Learn techniques to master energy and muscle tension levels to stay level headed through your specific performance situation.
  3. Visualization. Visualize scenarios that will allow you to mentally practice on your own and conduct your own "what-if" planning for future situations.
  4. Cognitive Skill Development. Based on the self-assessment and experiential training, develop the skills in strategic planning, motivation and attitude control to maximize your performance.
  5. Self-Programming. Finally, walk away with the strategies and ability to apply these skills in real time.